Die Casting Cost

What to expect

   At Lakeshore Die Cast, we understand that the cost of die casting can be a stumbling block for a potential customer. While we strive to offer the fairest price possible, there are an array of reasons why die casting costs can seem expensive at first. Die casting is a dangerous process that involves molten metal, extreme pressure, and special steel molds. Also, our customers must initially invest in the purchase of the tooling that will produce their parts. This investment ranges from $15,000 to $150,000 depending on your part’s size and complexity. On your quote, you’ll notice that the tooling price is listed as a separate item. Because the tool is the object that’s producing your parts, you may never actually see it unless you stop in at the plant or ask for pictures. As a rule of thumb the piece price for a simple open and shut part (no slides, additional machining, coating, etc.) in aluminum or zinc should not exceed 3x the material cost for parts with volumes greater than 2000 pcs. This rule of thumb is valid for most castings from 1 - 10 lbs.



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