What Are The Advantages Of Die Casting?


advantages of die casting

When you consider the types of manufacturing techniques used to create different mechanical components, die casting is likely on the top of the list. After all, castings are used in 90% of all manufactured products, so it's likely that your business may require them at some point. But why is the die casting process often so superior to other techniques (such as plastic injection moldings or sand casting)? We'll explain a few of the main advantages of die casting in today's post.

What are the main advantages of die casting?

  • Die cast products are stronger, more durable, and more stable
    When you die cast aluminum or zinc to make a product, the result will be more stable, stronger, and lighter than what you can create using other methods. These products don't contain two or more pieces joined together, which means they can rely on the alloy's own strength (rather than the strength of the joining process). In addition, the die casting process creates components that have greater temperature resistance, meaning they will not be changed by extreme heat. That makes them suitable for all sorts of applications.
  • Die cast parts offer greater aesthetic versatility
    Die casting can often be the most practical choice, to be sure, but it can also provide a better looking product in the end. Manufacturers can employ countless finishing techniques to give the product a certain appearance. Other techniques, such as sand casting, are much more limited and won't produce a smooth, consistent product like die casting will. As an added bonus, finishing die cast parts is relatively simple and does not require a significant amount of surface preparation.
  • Die casting is faster and more economical
    Generally speaking, the die casting process is speedier -- even for mass production -- than other comparable methods. Although the components can be quite complex, very little machining is required. This means that even massive orders can be created with consistency and speed in mind. The costs of die casting are also generally lower because the finishing is minimal. This means that companies can save by choosing to die cast their components and can receive their finished products on a faster timeline.

When you need manufactured components, you'll have your choice of techniques. But these advantages show that die casting often wins out. Not only will you benefit from a higher quality part, but you'll also experience savings and faster results -- both of which can help your business succeed.

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