Die Casting Cost

What to Expect
Tooling cost is the biggest hurdle for a potential die casting customer.  Because die casting involves molten metal at high temperatures and pressures the die cast dies must be made from special steels that can perform under these conditions for ten of thousands of cycles. 

Tolling Prices
You as the customer must put up a large initial investment to purchase the tooling.  Tooling prices can run anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 (for Lakeshore Die Cast’s size range) depending on the size and complexity of the part. 

When you receive a quote from us you will see the tooling as a separate item on the quote.  You as the customer own this tool even though you will never see it unless you come visit us at our plant or ask for pictures.  This is because we will only be sending you a part, made from aluminum or zinc, that the tool is producing.  The price for this part will also be outlined on the quote. 

Rule of Thumb
As a rule of thumb the piece price for a simple open and shut part (no slides, additional machining, coating, etc.) in aluminum or zinc should not exceed 3.5x the material cost for parts with volumes greater than 2000 pcs.  This rule of thumb is valid for most castings from 1 – 10 lbs.

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